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I specialize in hypnotic copywriting for Emails and E-newsletters using a proven email formula which has created tens of millions of dollars in sales

Imagine sending emails and e-newsletters which are written using a proven formula responsible for creating tens of millions of dollars in sales.

Emails which customers look forward to receiving and enjoy reading.

According to email marketing consultants, an open rate of about 20% and a click-through rate of 4% to 5% is “a highly effective campaign.” But why settle for 20%... or less? You can achieve so much more with your list.

For example, I helped one client achieve an open rate of 63% and a click-through rate of 14.26%.

And my client, Mike Ryan Fitness, has averaged a 53.8% open rate since the beginning of his email marketing campaign—nearly a year ago. And that’s in spite of the fact that the beauty/healthcare industry averages an open rate of just 5.85%.

I achieve this not by using hyped-up sales copy but instead by following a proven hypnotic copywriting email marketing formula created by a man top marketers consider to be the best email copywriter in the business.  And by following best email practices.

I take a very conversational tone and concentrate on building value into every message. Plus the use  of marketing psychology creates a "buying trance." 

So if your goal is to create emails and e-newsletters which attract and retain loyal customers.  Or if you want to turn prospects into buyers and buyers into repeat customers without the hype, then I can help you.

Email me with your questions about writing your emails or e-newsletters or for a free phone consultation.

Copywriting for websites and website optimization helps increase web traffic and converts prospects     <back to top>

Consider the fact there are more than 234 million Web sites and 1.73 billion people searching the internet everyday.

If they find your site—you have about five seconds to convince them they are in the right place.  Because if they can’t quickly identify they are in the right place they’ll move on to the next site.  And never come back. 

I write content which can increase web traffic over time by helping search engines clearly identify what your site is about.  Next I help your prospect achieve his goals once he gets to your site.  I do this by combining direct response copywriting with search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to create relevant, clear, sales-focused and optimized copy for websites. 

Why hire a specialist in website optimization?

Just like a TV commercial is unlike an ad in a magazine, copywriting for websites is very different than writing offline.

First of all, you have two extremely different audiences: your prospects and the search engines. 

Writer’s who specialize in SEO help improve your rankings with search engines over time. 

The second consideration is your prospect.  When people visit your website they are in a very different frame of mind than when viewing your brochure or other print collateral. 

Knowing these differences.  Writing for them. And ensuring your prospect is successful once he arrives at your site…is just as important as your search engine rankings.

As a specialist in website optimization I’ll write for both your prospect and search engine optimization.  The result: increased web traffic and conversion rates.

Is your website doing it's job?

Is your website getting all the traffic it can? Does it do the job of one of your best sales people in generating leads and converting them to sales? Do you think your website could work better for you?

If you want to know for sure utilize my 31-point website diagnostic service. This service is a systemized approach designed to show you how your online content performs as an online sales force. In this detailed report, you'll find out what's working well along with what areas you have opportunity for improvement.

Email me with your questions about my copywriting SEO service, copywriting for websites, my 31-point website diagnosis or to request a free phone consultation. 



"I am so pleased with Cindy's copy-- I can't say  enough about her writing. I think she's excellent." 

Jill Tibbels, VP of Learning & Development, Ziglar


"Cindy is an expert in her copywriting field who is driven to succeed, punctual and above all else, is results-oriented. Her creative strategies really do make a difference!"

Dawn DeBlaze, Owner DeBlaze and Associates


"Cindy is one of my favorite finds of 2009."

Chris Patterson, CEO                ________________________

“FAR EXCEEDS my expectations!”

Terri Baltz,
Jacksonville Beach

“...consummate professional and always a pleasure to work with…, patient, creative, innovative and a great problem solver.” 

Caroline Powell,
Prudential Network Realty

"The report is fantastic! You seemed to really be helping me to think about my decisions in relationship to both my short term and longer term goals. Your questions, listening, and strategies offered all got me to think more deeply about my business and move in a positive direction. I feel like I'm on the right track with both pursuing an E-note (that is doable and focused versus getting too unwieldy) and also opening up a new option for me. That was a totally new idea for me to consider, and I feel excited about exploring this piece further."    

Jo Montie, President
Doors to Useful Learning

"I've been doing these calls for the last 4 years.... and I have to tell you, that was by FAR the best call that AWAI has ever done."
(Regarding call I spoke on for AWAI where Joshua was the moderator)
Joshua Boswell
Online Copywriter

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