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Cindy CyrSome people want to know what experience I bring to the table and why they should pick me to write their project.  Seems a fair enough request—so here is some background…

Why a copywriter?

Call it a passion.  Call it a calling.  Call it whatever you like.  But the truth is I’ve held a fascination with writing and what holds a reader’s attention—whether it’s been for friends, family, or colleagues—my whole life.

In fact if I’d known what copywriting was in college, that is the path I would have taken from the very start.

An education in Psychology helps me to better understand your audience…

Unfortunately I didn’t know what a copywriter was nor did I know they existed.  So I chose a path in Industrial Organizational Psychology instead.  You might be wondering what that is…basically it is the study of what influences behavior in the workplace.

Interestingly, as I was mesmerized by what influences one person to say yes to another, perform better, etc.—the only book I kept from college was “Influence” by Robert Cialdini—a book often referenced by copywriters.

My first writing gig…writing resumes, employment ads and manuals…

After college I used my writing and influence in the form of writing resumes, employment ads, reports and operation and procedural manuals for several companies in the riverboat cruising and gambling industry.  I did that until I found myself laid off and exhausted from corporate life.

Fifteen years in sales, marketing and advertising…

I spent the next 10 years in direct sales--quickly learning how to successfully move a person through the sales cycle. I became one of the top sales people—remaining in the top 5% internationally throughout my career.

I won over 100 sales and recruiting awards, including the company’s top honor called the Spirit of Success Award which represents “an entrepreneur with heart and a humanitarian with business sense.”  (I tell you this not to brag—but rather to demonstrate I know how to sell and persuade which is important in writing copy.)

During this time I wrote a quarterly customer newsletter, a monthly leadership and training newsletter and taught classes every week on how to write your family stories.

Life changes dictated a change in careers which led me to advertising and introduced me to what a copywriter was…and did.

Working in Advertising I discovered what makes an “ad” work…

During my advertising career I helped create 1748 ads, consistently produced 43% of the total revenue (in a 6 person sales department) and conceptualized one advertorial product which increased annual revenue by 8% and another that bumped a single sales cycle by 20%.

As I helped clients create ads and continually pursued ideas to increase revenue, the curiosity bug bit hard.  I wanted to know why some ads worked while others didn’t.

When I learned copywriters were behind ads, web sites and letters that worked, I knew I had finally found my niche.

It was then and there that I signed up for a copywriting course through American Writer’s and Artist Institute (AWAI.)

I’ve learned copywriting from the best Copywriters in the business…

AWAI’s courses are developed and taught by Master Copywriters—considered to be some of the best copywriters in the world. I’ve been privy to tested and proven copy techniques which only 5% of all copywriters even know, let alone use.

And in the case of my training on writing for the Internet, AWAI has stated that by completing and mastering their course by Nick Usborne, I “know more about writing for the Web than 99% of copywriters in the country.” 

You see, Nick has been a copywriter for more than 25 years and written solely online copy for the past 11 years.  He has written for companies like Disney, Microsoft, Yahoo and America On-line.

 I also attended a private closed door 3-day seminar on writing emails taught by Matthew Furey.   Known as the “Zen Master of the Internet®”, many master copywriters—including Michael Masterson and Dan Kennedy—consider him to be the best email copywriter in the business.

And I’ve taken courses by the “Pioneer of SEO Copywriting,” Heather Lloyd-Martin, Web copywriting Intensives through AWAI and attended other live training seminars and copywriting bootcamps.  

What I’ve written and who I’ve written for…

I’ve written sales letters, fund raising letters, brochures, press releases, web sites, emails and more for small to medium sized companies…such as Derickson Vision Consultants, DeBlaze and Associates, Skye White Inc., Mike Ryan Fitness, Creative Resume Builders and more. 

I recently made the decision to focus solely on copywriting for Web sites, emails and e-newsletters which is why I created this Web site.

So there you have it.  My background and experience in a bloated nutshell.

What I’ll do for you…

I’ll learn everything I can about your business, your goals for your project, your customer and prospect and your competition.  You’ll always get my best and I’ll work with you to make sure you are satisfied. It’s also worth mentioning that I’ve never missed a deadline.

The only way I’m successful is when you’re successful—so you can count on my striving to produce copy which gets the best possible results.

Learn more about my copywriting services and full-service email campaigns or email me to answer your questions or get a quote.


“Cindy is very professional and detail-oriented.  I felt very comfortable trusting her…and was not disappointed.  (She) worked well with my busy schedule…took very little time on my part and the results were comparable to materials developed by major firms. When reviewing the proof I was hard-pressed to find anything that I wanted to change. She has made possible the development of advertising materials that I put off for over a year due to a lack of time.  She accomplished this within days.”

Dr. John C. Derickson,
President of Derickson Vision Consultants

“Cindy is always knowledgeable, able to quickly put together additional information and more when needed and always had my (and the clients) best interest at heart. … (Cindy) has saved me a ton of time and frustration.”
Crystal Montalto,
Media Director
Renaissance Creative


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