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Online Copywriting for websites, direct email marketing and e-newsletters.

Get results with this copywriting SEO service and hypnotic copywriting for emails

If you're looking to get real results from your online copywriting for websites, emails, autoresponders, and other online marketing then you're in the right place. I’ve written for clients such as Zig Ziglar, DeBlaze and Associates, Mike Ryan Fitness, Interchanges, QiVantage/Pulled Muscle, Improving your Balance and more--with results comparable to big agencies…

 “Cindy is very professional and detail-oriented.  I felt very comfortable trusting her…and was not disappointed…the results were comparable to materials developed by major firms…”

Dr. John C. Derickson, President of Derickson Vision Consultants

For fifteen years I worked in sales, marketing and advertising. Writing newsletters, brochures and other marketing materials for the off-line world was just a part of what I did.

Then I shifted my services to fully concentrate on online marketing strategy and copywriting—studying with expert master copywriters.  Investing in courses and live seminars with a special concentration in online copywriting. And taking on new clients creating effective marketing strategy and copywriting for websites, email marketing campaigns and other online approaches.

What you can expect from my copywriting SEO service that packs a one-two punch

Generate more online leads and sales when your site contains my copywriting technique that merges two powerful skills—SEO  (Search Engine Optimization) with persuasive online copywriting. This technique helps customers easily find what they are looking for with clear, concise messages targeted to the online reader that intertwine top keyphrases. Discover more about online copywriting for websites.

Once you’ve captured your online visitor’s attention with your website, hold on to them by using hypnotic copywriting for emails, autoresponders and other marketing strategies. I specialize in writing emails that get delivered, opened, seen, read and clicked.  Learn more about e-newsletter and hypnotic copywriting for emails.

Use my all-inclusive Direct Email Marketing Service

When looking for a truly all-inclusive email marketing service, look to my full-service solution. From developing a marketing strategy, to managing lists and reports to writing the copy for your email campaign. 

You’ll enjoy email marketing and communications which include everything from start to finish.  Find out more about my full-service direct email marketing service.


"At Ziglar we've enjoyed working with Cindy Cyr for over a year now. She has a real knack for making a good idea better, and for making the better idea sell! She has done a great job presenting the Ziglar message in a way that keeps 100% of its integrity, and moves the reader to take action. In short, Cindy creates fantastic customized offers that incorporate proven marketing principles in ways that get both results short term and long term." 

Tom Ziglar, CEO-Proud son of Zig Ziglar

“…I have been in marketing and communications my entire professional life, starting our current real estate sales organization 12 years ago and Cindy ranks among the very finest professionals in the industry. She has always been extremely professional, responsive, anticipatory of our timely forgetfulness, pleasant but directed in negotiations and delivers exactly what she promises… I feel she deserves high consideration for any professional assignment she may seek.”

Alfred Miller III,
Chair and CEO,
Fred Miller Group, Inc

"Response has been really favorable...more than we have ever received for an open enrollment."

Katherine Lemons, Operations Manager, Ziglar
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